How to win in Billyonaire from Amatic slot

There is a set of rules that will allow to avoid silly mistakes, won’t allow you to fall a victim of swindlers and will help to achieve the maximum results on Billy on aire Amatic.

Rule 1: Play only on license slots of the known brands.

Стоит ли пытаться победить мошенника? По нашему мнению, даже не стоит пытаться. Если вы не уверены, что казино предлагает вам лицензионные игровые автоматы, поищите другие казино. Вы не выигрываете у мошенников, так как вы будете вынуждены играть по их правилам.

The developer of software doesn’t control work of counterfeit slots. It can’t be charged that the random number generator works properly.

Rule 2: choose gaming machines with the maximum return

In video slots, a certain level of theoretical return is put (RTP – Return to Player). Most often this indicator happens within 95% – 97% though models meet higher or lower rates.

These figures specify what part of the total amount of rates the gaming machine allocates for implementation of payments. The remained percent makes the revenue of the casino.

However, the specified 97% doesn’t mean that during the separately taken session you, by all means, will lose 3% of the rates. In that case, game process wouldn’t make sense.

Naturally, this indicator should be treated like this – the better for users, in general, the higher it is. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to models with the high level of return.

Rule 3: consider dispersion of the video slot

Along with volatility and variability in a gambling, it means a video slot deviation from the population which is expressed in theoretical return by dispersion.

Speaking more simply, high-dispersive gaming machines pay seldom but allow to hope for large payments. Devices with low volatility charge payments almost in each back, but prizes often don’t exceed a rate.


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